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Installing HVAC in the Bay Area for many years makes Indoor Air Technologies a reliable residential and commercial HVAC installation and repair company.

Our central air technicians strive to bring you quality air conditioning and heating that is energy efficient, saving you hundreds of dollars each year!


 Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, our technicians are licensed and certified to complete maintenance with energy-efficient air conditioning units, heat pumps, and HVAC systems.


Don't delay and find out more about how HVAC installation & maintenance from Indoor Air Technologies can help you make one of the best home improvement upgrades for your home or business!

Heater Check


Installing HVAC in the Bay Area gives your home or business central air in an energy-efficient system that helps you save money. Our San Francisco Bay Area company of technicians provides quality services and complete maintenance with energy-efficient air conditioning units, heat pumps, and HVAC systems. Don't delay, as HVAC is one of the best home improvement upgrades for your home or business!

Maintenance and Filter Replacement

Regular maintenance and care of your HVAC and ac unit help owners avoid costly repairs. Our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area know that air quality is critical for their health. The certified services of Indoor Air Technology are dedicated to installing air conditioning systems that are energy efficient certified for quality air.


We go above and beyond for our repair, installation, and complete maintenance service on air conditioners, heat pump, and other air conditioning services. Our business hours allow for HVAC services that expand beyond the normal installation.

Airflow Checkup & Balancing

Air balancing is the process of making your HVAC system optimized to ensure that the amount of air conditioning outputs are consistent and temperatures are comfortable in all rooms of the house or building.


Optimize your air conditioning system with an airflow check-up balancing for HVAC. Our premier bay area heating and cooling service help improve your air quality after one service call.

Mini-Split Installation

As one of the best certified mini-split installers in the San Francisco Bay Area, our professionals combine a ductless air conditioner with your indoor unit. Mini-split ac is an easy installation service and part of HVAC that adds control of the temperatures in individual rooms and spaces for the HVAC system.


As first time home owners, it was really important for us to find someone we can trust. After meeting with 8 different companies, we came to the conclusion that Indoor Air Technologies was the right fit for us and our home for many reasons! Andrew/Andy's (the owner) prompt response was a pleasure to work with. He is informative and patient and goes above and beyond to make sure that his customers are satisfied and happy with what they pay for! He is professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking for heating and cooling for their home! I am very pleased and happy with the service and quality product we received from Andrew and his company!

Debra K.


"Working with Andy and his team was like hitting the "Easy Button." In the time it took for other businesses to email me a quote, he had given me a competitive bid, and completed the entire project with no mess, and no fuss. THIS is what I was seeking and he and his team delivered. Andy and his team were total pros throughout the process. We are very pleased with the result and the quality of their work and we're happy to write this review to support a growing business that excels in quality and customer service.

Shauna S. Martinez, CA


"They were able to come right away and fix our two broken furnaces.  Other companies weren't willing to come out because the model of furnaces.  Andy was very professional and timely.  The quality of the work was great.  Andy was friendly, professional, and on time.  He had boot covers and a mask which was nice too.  The price was fair and the end result was a toasty warm furnace.  I will definitely call again if I have any needs. "

Michael D Albany, CA


"I cannot echo the comments left by others more forcibly!  I called Andrew one day, and he was able to be at my home the next day.  I will not mention where I live because I don't want others to think he'll automatically go as far from his home base as he did for me, but I did insist that I pay for the extra travel time (and you should, too!)  I could not get my original installer to come for SIX weeks!  He found the problem immediately and was smart to have the replacement part on his truck!  He has years of experience but has only recently started his own company, and he will do terrifically!  One of the nicest and professional guys I have ever met...regardless the line of work!  No doubt his business will grow and grow, and he may not be able to take care of you as fast as he could me, but if you're not in dire straights he's worth the wait!  Thank you, Andrew!  I hope your new business is amazingly've definitely got the personality and tenacity for it!"

Ronald T. Sebastopol, CA


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