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Installing HVAC gives your home or business central air in an energy-efficient system that helps you save money. Installing an energy-efficient air conditioning unit, heat pump, and HVAC system is one of the best home improvement upgrades for your home or business.


Installing a new outdoor unit with ducts throughout your house provides you with dependable energy efficiency and central air that you can count on.

Our technicians replace or install new heating systems and cool air for local customers. Central air conditioning delivers cool air throughout your home with ducts. However, your central air from our professional AC installation is supplied from an outdoor unit.


AC installation by the professionals at Indoor Air Tech provides you with all components of a central air conditioning HVAC system. We pride ourselves on installing quality ducts, air conditioners, central air and heating systems, heat pumps, and ventilation for our HVAC systems.

Learn more about the central air conditioning process and call us today for a free quote and advice on replacing or installing a brand new energy-efficient HVAC system.


Regular maintenance and care of your air conditioner and ac unit help owners avoid costly repairs.


Our professional technicians offer maintenance tips and air conditioning unit cleaning maintenance of the essential components such as the evaporator coil, condenser coils, split system, and filter. We even change out the old filter near the fan and give you a more comfortable and clean cooling season from your central air each year.

We test for signs of damage and completely clean your central air conditioning, compressor, thermostat, and furnace filters, coils, and fins for all of our homeowners. We believe that our maintenance and filter replacement will reduce the need for HVAC repair, give ac units longer lives, and deliver high-quality heat and air to each room in your home.

Air conditioner and heating system service repair should be your last resort. Without yearly air conditioner and heating system maintenance, you are likely to need a new HVAC to install much sooner. Our professional technicians take care of your ac unit and central air conditioning system by:

  • Cleaning and draining condenser coils

  • Straightening and repairing fins

  • Testing air conditioning airflow

  • Checking and changing out central air conditioning filters

  • Inspecting duct and air conditioning exhaust for leaks

  • Visual and mechanical inspection of all other valuable components

Without regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection, it is likely that your ac unit or split system will eventually fail.


Maintenance DIY tips are valuable, but having a professional come out and clean the condenser, change the filter, and deliver superior service to your air conditioning unit will save you money and time on your air conditioner maintenance in the long run.

Air Conditioner
Modern Living Room


Optimize your air conditioning system with an airflow check-up balancing for HVAC. Our premier bay area heating and cooling service help improve your air quality after one service call.


Air balancing is the process of making your HVAC system optimized to ensure that the amount of air conditioning outputs are consistent and temperatures are comfortable in all rooms of the house or building.


Our company specializes in these types of furnace or air conditioner balancing service calls for all system brands. Having the right amount of air is critical for a truly efficient system.

In addition to improving the comfort levels, air balancing may also help increase the air conditioning system's efficiency, decrease energy bills and the need for repairs or maintenance on HVAC components in the future. Your airflow from the heating and cooling system of the ac unit performance will benefit after the balancing down by our HVAC technicians.

Your air conditioning unit is working hard. HVAC services like balancing and airflow checks reduce the risk of needing emergency service or other more costly services.


Balance out your air pressure today and stop making your air conditioner work so hard. Let our HVAC technicians create static pressure in your home or business and save money while supplying the right amount of air to each room.


Air conditioning for residential and commercial spaces benefit from the mini-split installation.


As a certified mini-split installer, our professionals combine a ductless air conditioner with your indoor unit. Mini-split ac is an easy install service and part of HVAC that adds control of the temperatures in individual rooms and spaces for the HVAC system.


Mini-split systems are convenient, efficient and provide mounted units in the places where they are needed most.

A mini-split system with heat pumps is an excellent solution for the whole home or new constructions. Still, it makes good wall-mounted add-ons to houses with ductless air conditioning and heating systems.


Mini-split units are compact and won't break the bank while keeping your rooms at the perfect temperature. Ask about mini-split estimates and planning for your home today!

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