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Air balancing is the process of optimizing an HVAC system to ensure that air conditioning outputs are consistent, and temperatures are comfortable in all rooms of the house or building. The process requires testing and modifying an existing HVAC system in order to deliver the optimal flow of air conditioning to every space in the building. In addition to improving the comfort levels during the summer months, air balancing may also help increase the air conditioning system’s efficiency, decrease energy bills and wear on HVAC components.

HVAC Air Balancing can help diagnose

by combining and analyzing the data from these tests, HVAC professionals will have a clearer picture of the performance of your system.


HVAC issues that may be identified through an air balancing inspection include:

  • Damaged or perforated air ducts

  • Excessively Long Ductwork 

  • Ductwork with sharp turns

  • Loose Duct Joints

  • Undersized ducts

  • Blockages

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